BVZ offers a full range of services to help you experience an Edgeless House or Edgeless concepts – including:

CUSTOM DESIGN (Your situation is typical)  - For new construction or remodeling, BVZ can almost always apply Edgeless House concepts through standard architectural services to marry your home to its site and make it live larger, not just bigger.

CONSULTATION – (You already have a team) - BVZ works with other architects, designers, and investors to help bring Edgeless House concepts to their projects and is available for Edgeless consulting on selected projects or teams.

DESIGN / BUILD – (You want a simplified experience) - Bringing an Edgeless House to reality requires construction that is a little different than normal.  BVZ, in association with selected contractors, can offer a complete, single source Edgeless House package from beginning vision to move-in.

COMPONENTS  - (You are looking for a unique way to get Edgeless) – BVZ is working with selected business to develop components – from specific parts, to fitted panels, to complete living area units – to make Edgeless Customized Homes or Edgeless components more available.